Switching to e-cigarettes

The first time I saw someone with an e-cigarette in 2012 it made me curious and I asked him, if I could try it. My enthusiasm was big enough to visit a shop in Munich that very same day to buy my first device plus Liquid. Ever since this 14th of June 2012 I quit smoking tobacco cigarettes even though the available products these days were far away from the quality produced today.

What was the reason for my enthusiasm?

1.   The taste.
The liquid my colleague vaped was apple mixed with menthol and it reminded me of the taste of a Shisha, which I smoked in previous holidays. The great variety of aromas, that I was able to try in the Vape shopp convinced me completely. Vaping tobacco-, fruity or other flavours just are a brillant diversification to me.

2.   The smell.
Neither my breath, nor my clothes smelled of this disgusting cold cigarette smoke.

3.   No ashtray.
These days you´ve got to search for an ashtray in public, to be able to smoke without polluting the streets. This doesn´t apply to a vaper and it also disappeared at home and I´m not missing the stink at all.

4.   No lighter.
Which smoker doesn´t know the situaltion to search successless for his lighter, because he forgot it wherever, or shortly passed it to another smoker, who used the opportunity to make it his own? While driving you have to look away from the road not to light your fag at the wrong end. This will be history after starting to vape electric cigarettes.

5.   A lot less harmfull than a tobacco cigarette.
Let´s be honest. Anything we inhale except fresh air somewhere in the mountains or at the sea is not healthy! But there are more than 50 cancerous ingredients in tobacco cigarettes, which originate form the high temperatures from burning the tobacco. And although there are no long time studies about the e-cigarette, there is already a clear science based proof, that the basic ingridients in the liquids, which we vape (mainly glycerin and propylenglycol) are relatively harmless and a minor health threat, certainly not known for causing cancer. Certain is, that tar is completely missing in the products and this in my opinion on its own is a good reason to switch to the e-cigarette. It can´t be worse than smoking!

6.   Positive side effects:

  • Just a few days after switching I got my sense of smell back. When I now enter an empty elevator, which previously was occupied by a smoker, I can smell it, which was impossible while I was a smoker.
  • After a few weeks my smokers cough became lighter and meanwhile it´s gone completely.
  • Even though I´m a heavy weight it was just a short while and I could climb stairs a lot easier and my personal condition improved a lot.
  • Opposite to my several attempts to quit smoking before, I didn´t gain weight after switching to the e-cigarette).

7.   You stand out.
Ok, that might not be everybodys cup of tea, but you easily catch a chat as e-cigarette smoker.

8.   It is allowed to vape in a lot of places.
Something I personally don´t do, but it is yet still allowed to vape in many areas, smoking is not allowed. In Germany, as long as the owner of a restaurant or pub allows it, you can vape. Untill a short while ago it was possible in airplanes. Well everybody can do what he likes, but I have to say, that people could potentially also dislike your vanilla vape, or other flavours and so I´d rather mind the situation and go outside to have a vape in restaurants.But decide for yourself!


1.   The first few days with an e-cigarette:
It should be mentioned, that there´ll be a phase in which one has to get used to an e-cigarette. First of all, it´s a liquid, what we vape. Sometimes you will have condensate reaching your lips or even your mouth. It depends on the device you´re using, the atomizer or the drip tip (mouthpiece). It´s not harmfull, but unfamiliar and can feel uncomfortable in the beginning. Beside that, when a device of minor quality is used, it could potentially leak and liquid drips out of it. Therefore it is highly recommended to recieve a proper consultation in the shop to get a satisfying product.

In any case it is important to at least read the users manual carefully, so you´re happy and don´t go back to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

2.   The tissue is your friend and steady company:
Liquids are gooey, but they´re liquids. Sometimes you´ll drip something beside your clearomizer or atomizer while refilling it, especially in the beginning. So you´ll learn quickly, that one shouldn´t do it over shirt or trousers, risking an ugly spot. A tissue in your pocket is definitely a handy thing to have in these moments.

3.   Nicotine levels:
An important area for newbies. It might take a moment to find out your sweet spot and which strength will be the right one for you to vape. It depends once again extremely on the device you purchase. While you need higher nicotine levels in e-cigarettes with standard clearomizers with higher resistance coils, it can be neccessary to lower the level using an actual "sub ohm" atomizer, which produces massive amounts of vapor. Again it is important to inform yourself and seek assistance in your local shop!

4.   Electricity:
Amazingly an electric cigarette needs electricity. It is usually delivered with some sort of battery. This can be a mechanical device with a reloadable battery (mech mod), which will always deliver the amount of power, that remains in the battery. Alternatively there are regulated devices (regulated mods, vv-- variable voltage or vw-- variable wattage), which you can set according to your preferred vaping habits. Generally it is recommended to either alway reload your batteries before leaving your house, or carry a spare battery with you, otherwise you might run out of power and then the best tasting liquid becomes rather useless.

5.   Vaping:
There´s a difference between vaping and smoking. Get a proper consultation in our shop from experienced staff members or myself, Rocky.