Happy Liquids

Base mix of the liquids (shown in brackets after the liquid name PG or VG):

PG =

  • 80 % Propylenglycol USP
  • 10 % Glycerine 86 % PH.Eur.DAB. purely vegetarian
  • 10 % Pyrogenfree water

VG =

  • 60 % Glycerine 86 % PH.Eur.DAB. purely vegetarian
  • 20 % Propylenglycol USP
  • 10 % Pyrogenfree water

    The company Happy Liquids produces in Germany under the quality label "Made in Germany" according to the newest scientific standards for vapers with high requirements to taste and ingredients.
Dripper Line

Die Dripper Line von Happy Liquids enthält...

Happy Shortfill-Liquids

Die neue "Happy2"-Serie vom Münchner Liquidhersteller...

Verdampfer-Depots für die Lynden VOD mit 2 ml Happy Liquid befüllt

2 komplette Verdampfer mit je 2 ml Happy-Liquid befüllt...

Fruit flavours

Fruity aroma

other flavours (drinks, sweets, menthol)

other flavours (drinks, sweets, menthol)

Tobacco flavours

Tobacco flavours

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